Advisory Board

The Crucial Role of The Advisory Board
Advisory Boards provide valuable assistance and advice that help us advance and continue the operations of The Salvation Army. Local community leaders volunteer their efforts to help the Army in maintaining good business and professional relations.

Our Advisory Board
Dr. Sarah Battison
Dustin Beattie -
Simonson Construction
Ryan Emmons - Ingmand Insurance Agency Inc.
Aaron Huestis- University Hospitals
Janice Glenn - Kid’s Kountry
Mary Hartley - Real Estate Showcase
Neil Hinkle - Whitcomb & Hess
Dr. Douglas J. Marrah - Ashland City Schools

Alicia Shoemake- Ashland University

Caleb Burns- Vertex Marketing

Denise Gillette- Mauer Photography



Local advisory boards review annual budgets, help coordinate programs with other agencies, and provide advice for local activities and fund- raising campaigns. Other advisory organizations serve specific Salvation Army programs in similar ways. A National Advisory Board, for instance, provides guidance for programs and services throughout the United States.

For a list of members and additional information about The Salvation Army's National Advisory Board please visit