527 East Liberty Street
Years Active: 2009 - Present
THE Ashland Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is located at 527 East Liberty Street, Ashland, Ohio beside Luray Lanes. Groundbreaking for the Kroc Center was held on September 23, 2007 and the dedication of the center was held April 17-19, 2009. The 43,000-square-foot facility serves as a place of worship for members of the Salvation Army and as a community center intended to serve the greatest number of people experiencing the greatest need.
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40 East 3rd Street
Years Active: 1937 - 2009 (72 years)
Prior to the opening of The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, The Salvation Army was located at 40 East 3rd Street, Ashland, Ohio. Less than a mile away from the Kroc Center, the 40 East 3rd Street location served as the home of The Salvation Army Ashland Corps ministry from 1937 until the opening of the Kroc Center in April of 2009. The chapel of the building is featured at the top of this page. The steel cross, featured as you drive into the Kroc Center, was created from steel beams from the building. Upon entering the Kroc Center, previous items from the building can be found in the prayer room, RJ's place, and other rooms in the facility.

Early Ministry
In 1886, Captains Garner were in charge of the first organized efforts of the Salvation Army in Ashland, Ohio. The Garners carried on Salvation Army work here in the old Baptist Church on W. Walnut Street.

Salvation Army Officers in Ashland, Ohio
Official records are lacking for the first several years of Salvation Army work here, but it has been recalled that other workers following the Garners were Captain C. McCormick, Mrs. Liddy, Captain Wolf, Captain Goodall, Captain Nora Masters, Captain C. E. Morris, Lt. David M Abbott and Captain H. Allhouse.
March, 1897 - Captain Maschal
October, 1897 - Captain Miller
June, 1898 - Captain James
October, 1898 - Lt. Higgins
November, 1898 - Captain Wolf
July, 1899 - Captain Renner
December, 1899 - Lt. Kellar
February, 1900 - Captain Flounders
January, 1901 - Captain Simmons
March, 1901 - Lt. Louett
September, 1901 - Captain Sallis,
November, 1902 - Captain Hertzog
March, 1903 - Captain Shuster
July, 1903 - Captain Holzgrefe
November, 1904 - Lt. Cone
December, 1904 - Captain Spohn
February, 1906 - Adjt. Grimshaw
April, 1906 - Captains Figgins
January, 1907 - Adjts. Brindley
March, 1907 - Captain E. Harker
July, 1908 - Captains Caddy
July, 1909 - Captains Martin
May, 1910 - Captain Frank Crowell
August, 1910 - Captain Arthur Smith
November, 1910 - Captains Peart
March, 1911 - Captain Margaret Peddon
July, 1911 - Margaret Koalar
October, 1911 - Captain Jennie Young
February, 1912 - Lt. Katherine Morgan
August, 1912 - Captain William Williams
October, 1912 - Captain Marinus VonSweden
March, 1914 - Ensign A. Webb
May, 1914 - Captain I. Raymond
December, 1914 - Captain M. Slack
October, 1915 - Captain Din and Mrs. Arhur Webb
November, 1916 - Captains Barker
April, 1918 - Captain Mary Holland
April, 1919 - Captains McCrae
August, 1922 - Adjts. Stark
November, 1925 - Captains Jeffries
November, 1926 - Adjt. Ethel Robinson
July, 1928 - Captains Bunton
October, 1928 - Captain Chesley Young
July, 1929 - Ensigns Amore
November, 1931 - Captains Elliott
July, 2006 - Majors Larry & JoAnn Shade
July 2012 - Majors Brett & Jessica DeMichael

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